About Us!

Who we are.

Vanessa is the Creative Director and lead Crochet Fashion Designer at Kakes Kreations; a custom luxury crochet fashion and handbag brand.  She established her brand in late 2013 and has been working diligently ever since to push the envelope and help change the narrative on crochet fashion. 


Vanessa has created several Crochet Fashion collections including her Hip Hop Baby collect and her most recent collection for the inaugural Crochet Fashion Week. 

With a background in training and development; Vanessa has utilized these skills in teaching courses, offering patterns and inspiring fellow crocheters and crochet business owners.  She has a love for sharing and is committed to seeing everyone win. 

Through her use of original designs, various fibers and quality construction - Vanessa strives to consistently set her brand a part by creating unique fashion pieces that not only push the envelope in fashion but also shakes the industry’s perception of what Crochet Fashion should be.